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Chief Executive Editor :

Prof. (Dr.) Harendra Singh  
M.A., M.Ed., M.Phil.,Ph.D, D.Litt.(Edu), LL.M., MJMC, MBA

R.N.(P.G.) Institute of Modern Management Education & Research Centre Meerut, C.C.S. University, Meerut, India

Executive Editors:

Dr. P.C. Naga Subramani
(Asso. Prof. Dept. of Pedagogical Sciences)
Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University, Chennai

Dr. Neelam Kumari
(Head, Deptt. of English) Kisan (P.G.) College, Simbhaoli, Hapur C.C.S. University, Meerut, India

Dr. R.S. Mishra (Former Reader)
C.S.S.S.(P.G.) College, Machhra, C.C.S. University, Meerut



Volume-III, No.2, Dec. 2011
Volume-III, No.1, June 2011
Volume II, No. 2, Dec 2010
Volume-II,No. 1,June, 2010
Volume-I,No. 2,Dec, 2009
Volume-I,No. 1,June, 2009


Vol. XIII No. 1 June 2021
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Peer Review Process For Paper Publishing

                                                        ISSN 0975-0797

Journal of Education & Pedagogy

( A Peer Reviewed/ Refereed International Research Journal )

Published Biannually

By National Educationist Council


The Journal of Education & Pedagogy is addressed to the international readers, researchers & educationists and published twice a year, in June and December by the National Educationist Council.
It invites unpublished and original research papers, book reviews, Ph.D. thesis reviews, summaries, reports etc. from Education,Phychology,Sociology and related to Social Sciences.
*Short communication to review articles, reports of conference, summary or views on government reports, debatable issues, etc. are also welcome.
*Authors/Publishers are also welcome to send books or book review to the Editor for the publication of review in the journal.


1. Electronic copy must be sent to the Email: and copy forwarded to Article/paper must be in MS-Word document in Times New Roman in font size 11.

2. Papers/articles should be original & unpublished contribution. The Editorial Board and the NEC is expect from the contributor that He/She make a declaration or He/She confirm that the material is original, has not been published elsewhere in part or full and the same has not been submitted for publication in any other book or journal or elsewhere. Submission of research papers/articles will be held to imply that it has not been previously published and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere and further that if accepted, it will not be published elsewhere.

3. Email of the research paper/article should be submitted along with an abstract not more than 200 words. The length of a paper including tables, diagrams, illustration etc. should be between 3000 to 5000 words, along with author’s brief resume.

4. Editorial board has all rights for publication/making any alteration/change in the paper/article or refusal. No correspondence will be entertained regarding the publication of articles/papers. Refused articles/papers will not returned. Editorial board has rights to publish research papers/articles etc. in any of the journals published by NEC or its collaborative publication.

5. Paper received from 1st July to 31st December will be considered for June volume and from 1 January to 30 June will be considered for December Volume of the Journal.

6. The paper once submitted to this journal should not be resubmitted simultaneously to other journals or else where for consideration.

7. All papers submitted to the journal will be the property of National Educationist Council and subject to blind review. To ensure anonymity, the author's name, designation, affiliation, official & residential address and other details about author should only appear on the first page along with the title of the paper. Second page should start with the title of paper again followed by text.

8. Footnotes in the text should be numbered consecutively in plain Arabic superscripts. All the footnotes, if any, should be typed under the heading 'References' at the end of the paper immediately after 'Conclusion'.

9. For citation of books (a) the author’s name should be followed by the (b) title of the book (c) year of publication or edition or both (d) page number (e) name of publishers and place of publication.

10. All references should be alphabetically arranged at the end of the text. Style should follow: author's name, forename/initials, date of publication (italicized in case of a book, and in double quotations in case of an article, and the source, Journal or book underlined or italicized), place of publication, publisher, page numbers, and any other additional information. Journal articles should contain complete information regarding volume number, issue number, date, etc. A few examples are as follows:

* Malik, A.P. (1998) Education Policy and Perspective. New Delhi: Allied.

* Majumdar, Ramesh (1997) "The Role of the Society", Journal of Educational Views,
     1(3 & 4), July-October, pp. 1-11.

* Ganeshan, P.R. (1989) "Educational Finances in a Federal Government", Seminar on
     Mobilisation of Additional Resources for Education. New Delhi: National Institute of
     Economic Planning (mimeo).

1. Kindly send your paper for publication in the journal as following format– Topic of the research paper, abstract, key-words, Introduction discussing problem, the paper focuses and its theoretical background, Statement of the Problem, Objectives of the Research Paper, Hypothesis, if any, Population, Sample, Tools used in data collection, Process of data collection, Findings and References. No Need to write above sub-headings of the paper but the paper should contain description related to them. All Correspondence should be Email to: and copy forwarded to,
2. All contributors/communication author to this journal will receive a complimentary copy of the issue, if they submit self addressed Rs. 100/- stamped envelope along with the subscription of the journal, if he/she subscriber of the journal. if author is not subscriber, he/she will bear the cost of printing of the journal as decided by the chief editor.Phone calls not be entertain.
3. Contributor is fully responsible for any dispute regarding any kind of plagiarism or originality , duplicacy or misguiding etc. The editorial board or NEC is not responsible for any dispute.

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